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Solopreneur and Chief Explorer at "CoSurvivor", Rohit Chawla is a passioante photographer, explorer, traveler, rider, nature enthusiast, free-thinker and dreamer. A keen observer and student of life, he is a passionate man on a mission to experience and showcase the wonders that surrounds us in this world where we live.
Riding a Royal Enfield, he has tread thousands of kilometers into the enchanted, secluded wildlands of India taking thousands of photographs. Each photograph a strikingly beautiful tribute to where it was taken.
“When we admire something, we generally start to care for it. Hopefully we'll care a lot more for the world if we open our eyes to how beautiful it really is. Nature is a magician in all that it creates and photographs are to showcase the magic.”
His vision is to explore and present unique destinations with photography along side informative write ups so that the viewer can connect with the life cycle of the subject and hopefully engage a deeper appreciation of how we all interact in a sensitive ecosystem.
“The ambition is simple...the dream is big...to experience and showcase the wonders that surround us on this beautiful planet...to feel and present the magic of Mother Nature alongside our ancient and intriguing cultures in a way that inspires people to 'explore, dream, discover'."
Explorer and Trip Lead at "CoSurvivor", Saurabh Khanduri is a rider with a love for the lands that lie off the beaten track. Hailing from the secluded Himalayan town of Pauri in Garhwal, his love of nature and deep connect with the land, turn his passion of riding, exploring, thrill and adventure into an unparalled experience each time he hits the road on his Enfield.
An IIHM graduate who pursued a career in Hotel Management before realizing his true calling lay in following the call of the virgin lands of the Himalayan range, Saurabh has since tread , explored several thousand miles of this beautiful range and shared this experience with those he meets, his passion for riding and love of adventure apparent and incredibly infectious.
"Roads take you there, there and there, but there is everywhere - you dont need roads, you just need to want to go everywhere and an Enfield for company and you will find your way to everywhere" - this about sums up the passion of this spirited rider whose love affair with the "road unknown" has been a fascinating one, ever since it began.
Every experience of this rider in the Himalayan range along with his faithful companion, his Enfield, is a thrilling tale in itself - one that always leaves its audience quivering with a thrill of excitement, that continues to jangle the nerves long after the tale has been narrated!
A free-spirited explorer who finds his home away from home off the beaten track, he has the high mountains smile and indulge him with incredible sights and experiences, the harsh weather of the highlands succumbing to his infallible spirit.
Together with Rohit Chawla, Saurabh shares and extends this experience with those join him on his ride - introducing them to a journey and experience that will most certainly remain unparalleled for a long time to come!
Showcasing the beauty that surrounds us on this beautiful planet where we live. Presenting Mother Nature in all her glory...
A huge amount of effort, time and money is put in to make this dream come true and if you really like all that you see, you can show your support for 'CoSurvivor'. For any pictures that you like, you can purchase high resolution versions, order greeting cards, posters, matted and canvas prints, mugs, t-shirts, calendars and more by visiting public profiles at RedBubble, Fine Art America and Cafe Press...help spread the word...or even better - you could also take part in the explorations and join in on one of the upcoming trips!
With your encouragement and support, there will be newer explorations, more destinations, and much more beauty showcased from all around our world.
Rohit Chawla
Promoting 'CoSurvivor' as a unique travel and photography brand, trips are organized regularly to some very exclusive destinations with photography and a personalized experience for travellers being the priorities. The focus for the years 2013 and 2014 will be on exploring the Himalayas.  
Departures scheduled for the next couple of months (click on the thumbnails to know more):  
Circling the High Passes - Festival Edition
  Click here to view the calendar for 2013

Please note that while there are some fixed departures for which interested participants come together, these trips can also be tailored to your needs based on preferences of dates, durations, modes of travel, places to visit, group sizes and budgets. Please 'Contact CoSurvivor' with your preferences and requirements to receive customized plans and itineraries.
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Lamayuru Festival Drive Circling the High Passes Circling the High Passes - Festival Edition