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Faith...in gold!

Image of the Golden Buddha stutue at Likir. Processed as a pseudo-HDR image, the golden tones have been accentuated and the dark background created by using textures, blending and layers.

Likir is a Buddhist monastery in Ladakh, northern India, located approximately 52 km west of Leh town. It is picturesquely situated on a little hill in the valley near the Indus River and the village of Saspol about 9 km north of the Srinigar-Leh highway. It belongs to the Gelugpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism and is mentioned in the Ladakhi chronicles as being established in 1065 by Lama Duwang Chosje, under the command of the fifth king of Ladakh, Lhachen Gyalpo.

The name 'Likir' literally means "The Naga-Encircled", representing the bodies of the two great serpent spirits, the Naga-rajas, Nanda and Taksako. It presumably, originally belonged to the early Kadampa order of Tibetan Buddhism.

The monastery currently has approximately 120 Buddhist monks and a school, in which almost thirty students study. The Central Institute of Buddhist Studies runs it and teaches in three languages, Hindi, Sanskrit and English. It also serves as the venue of an annual event 'Dosmochey', the assembly of votive offerings and sacred dances which takes place on the 27th day to 29th day of the 12th month of the Tibetan calendar. Likir is the seat of the Ngari Rinpoche, the present emanation of whom is the younger brother of the Dalai Lama. Although he does not permanently reside here, he attends for the more important pujas.
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