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The Lord Almighty

The ultimate Yogi, the diety of salvation, the highest source of attaining a state of bliss and absolute energy for man, Shiva is the personification of enlightenment - the state of nirvana, a freedom from suffering and the
transcendence of the mind to the spiritual realm of limitless joy. Shiva signifies absolute action and at the same time He is the stillness in the movement and the absorption of co-existing contradictions - the absolute reality beyond time, space and reason. He is the conciousness which bestows bliss and the eternal experience of energy, the portrayal of the potential energy contained in every atom.
The dance of Shiva is the divine motion that goes on inside every atom and the universe as a whole - the spectacular celestial dance, the display of all movements that occur in the inside and the outside of us. Represented in the form of a cylinder, the most stable and elementary shape in creation, He sustains all creation and is the source of all energies emanating from what he represents - Silence and Space.

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